Why Choose Managed IT Services?

January 20 / 2020

You may know that you need IT support in one form or another – but do you know which model of support would be best for your business? Here are 5 Reasons to choose Managed IT Services.

Have You Properly Secured Your Patient Portal?

November 19 / 2019

Patient portals are a convenient way for patients and healthcare professionals to communicate – but when it comes to technology, convenience often comes with risks. Have you made sure your patient portal is properly secured?

Are Patient Portals the Weakest Link in Your Technology?

Patients expect the utmost in convenience, with easy access to their personal health information and a quick way to create or update appointments and stay in touch with their preferred medical providers. Unfortunately, these uber-connected accounts may not be as secure as your they need to be — leaving your practice with a significant vulnerability that can be easily overlooked by internal staff members and IT services providers.

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