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Do you lose sleep wondering if your company may be susceptible to a technology outage? Most likely, it is not a matter of if, but when. Businesses are always at risk, and sometimes the inevitable happens — a power outage occurs, a natural disaster hits, a pipe breaks and floods the server room, a file goes missing or an unsuspecting employee clicks on a bad link. These are all real examples that can cause lost data and extended downtime.

According to a recent study by Storage Craft , unplanned downtime can cost small businesses between $926 to $17,244 per minute. These costs include lost revenue, lost productivity, recovery expenses, equipment replacement and more. Many small businesses find it hard to recover, not just in potential profit, but from the negative impact an outage or breach can have on your company’ operations and reputation. Keeping your critical business data safe must be a top priority and planning ahead is the key.

Partnering with an experienced IT provider, like On-Site Computers, can ensure you have your bases covered when it comes to business continuity. Start with the following best practices:

1. Maintain a solid disaster recovery plan

If you’re unsure whether your business data and systems are really safe, you need a solid and documented plan to get systems up and running as soon as possible. This includes not only backing up critical data but having an efficient way to restore the data. Your business continuity plan must address the complete end-to-end recovery process, including data backup, computer hard drive backup, and hardware and system recovery.

2. Stay on top of software updates

Is your business running software that is two or three versions behind? It’s easy to delay or skip software updates, but not only is that inefficient, it’s also dangerous. Updates exist for a reason and usually address bug fixes and include enhanced security patches. If you are running out of date software, your computing environment is vulnerable.

3. Maintain equipment upgrades

One of the leading causes of hardware failure is outdated equipment. While it may seem like an unnecessary investment, replacing an end of life server early is cheaper and more efficient than waiting until it fails. You may think you have no reason to worry if things are working fine, but one malfunction or faulty component can cause your entire network to go down for days.

Taking the appropriate precautions with a proactive and managed approach to IT security can end your anxiety about the long-term success of your business. The customized suite of services from On-Site Computers is proven to help businesses like yours plan for the worst and achieve the best business outcome. Click here to contact us directly or give us a call at 651-209-0265.


Mike Bowe | Published on April 09, 2018