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As changes in technology continue to accelerate, complexity increases as well. With more of today’s workforce requiring mobility, and security threats on the rise, managing this IT complexity requires time and experience.

Let’s identify the technology expert in your organization. If you are a small, growing business, you probably don’t have a full time, dedicated IT person. Perhaps a staff member does double duty helping others. If that is the case, people are being pulled away from their hired jobs and resources are not being used effectively. Potentially more concerning, is that these individuals are not experts in technology. They are most likely dealing with immediate user needs by offering quick solutions, instead of addressing the underlying problem. They don’t know what they don’t know.

Here are 3 things that suffer when IT complexity is not being addressed:

  1. Network security – With the widespread use of mobile devices and the vast amount of data shared daily, keeping your network secure is imperative. This means more than updating passwords and keeping backups. Virus and ransomware attacks have become more sophisticated and costly. To stay protected requires proactive monitoring and the latest removal tools. You need an experienced technician that is current on the latest advances, to ensure your security is a priority.
  2. Staff efficiency – Are recurring IT issues a common complaint in your organization? If the same problems keep coming up, this can be a major source of frustration for staff. When work isn’t getting done and downtime is prevalent, the business suffers as a whole. Proactive IT management can prevent small issues from turning into major disasters. Having a team of experts familiar with your IT environment can stop problems with your technology and computers from getting in the way of running your business.
  3. Productivity – If you are running outdated software or obsolete hardware, you have major inefficiencies in productivity. If you think of a computer as a tool and a server as a resource, you can better understand how this arsenal of assets has to work at peak performance. Keeping current on all required software updates and upgrading equipment before it fails is an investment in efficiency.
  4. A technology assessment with an experienced provider can help determine where you might be vulnerable.

Recently, the team at On-Site Computers helped a HIPAA-related business understand and address the complexity of their security. Like many organizations, they did not have the expertise to analyze the detailed requirements that email communications must meet to be considered HIPAA compliant. Simply by adding secure transport to all email transmissions, On-Site took the guesswork out of email transmission security. With a potential $50,000 violation per incident, you can’t afford to overlook even one seemingly innocent message.

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Mike Bowe | Published on January 25, 2018