Who Are the People Behind On Site Computers Inc.?

Founded in 1996, On-Site Computers began with a mission to help the small to mid-size business market realize a tangible return on their technology investments. Since our inception, we have remained dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art IT support, services, and products that provide our valued clients with a competitive edge and help them drive toward the achievement of their operational objectives.

What is the Philosophy of the On-Site Computers Inc. Team?

On-Site Computers Inc. team of professional technicians remain committed to the concept that from the results our customers achieve, this will be the determining factor to our success. We promote the achievement of technology assets that are leveraged to allow our customers to experience the benefits of their ideal IT working environment. Our dedication to this goal is so strong that we place a high emphasis on 100% customer satisfaction. We make it our priority to provide our valued customers with the highest value IT products and services for their technology dollar.

What Services Does On-Site Computers Inc. Offer?

On-Site Services Inc is pleased to offer their cutting-edge IT solutions to customers in SE Minnesota. Among the services we deliver are:

  •  Turnkey computer hardware sales and services
  •  Systems integration
  •  LAN/WAN design and installation
  •  Help desk support services

What Makes Managed IT Services from On-Site Computers Inc Different?

The staff and management of On-Site Computers Inc have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of excellence for our company and our clients. As a leader in our field, we remain true to our goal of the finest products and services delivered by the most talented IT professionals to our customers.

Does On-Site Computers Inc. Operate Under a Set of Core Values?

On-Site Computers Inc. is a team which takes great pride in the core values which represent who and what we strive to be as a company. All of our working relationships are built upon the foundation of these guiding principles.

  • Family—cultivating a sense of loyalty and community
  • Respect—a commitment to relationships built on a foundation of trust and integrity
  • Accountability—accepting responsibility and maintaining transparency in work processes
  • Teamwork—working in tandem and harmony towards a greater goal

These core values are evidenced in our focus on building strong relationships with each of our clients. We consider ourselves not only our clients’ advisors but also their trusted friends who are fully invested in their success.

What Does Industries Does On-Site Computers Inc Support?

Our team of professional technicians will tailor each clients’ IT assets to the specific requirements of their industry.

We are proud to provide business solutions services to the following industries:

  • Care Facilities—Nursing Homes
  • Agriculture and Agriculture-Related Companies
  • Hospitality Businesses
  • Small to Mid-Size Companies