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Get Predictable Costs and Always Up-to-Date Applications with Subscription-based Software -Office 365

Gone are the days when a business upgrades Office every three years. Gone is the massive upheaval with the multiple installs and the big learning curve for staff. Microsoft now provides Office 365 on a subscription model. This means you get the latest version of the software. Better yet, you receive regular incremental upgrades to Office. These are seamless and make change easier for staff with the gentle but continuous learning curve. Office applications are always up to date and as feature-rich as possible.

What About Office 365 Migration?

Migrations are managed to your needs. The impact can easily be mitigated. On-Site Computers Inc. will discuss the best migration solution for you, be it small staged steps or one large migration.

Dual Support

Your business gets two levels of support with Office 365. All business IT needs are met by On-Site Computers Inc., who are backed by Microsoft should anything ever need to be escalated. That is peace of mind that allows the business the confidence to push forward without fear of IT shortfalls.


We realize that migrations are not just about technology, but also about staff learning challenges. Training is required before a big upgrade is undertaken. With Office 365 incremental upgrades, training is not as necessary. It provides a tutorial style showcasing the new features. In addition, the built-in help in Office is better than ever.

On-demand Everywhere on Everything

Office 365 is On-demand software available on the internet with web-based versions of the Office apps. This is a fantastic portable tool that allows staff to be flexible in their work environments. Staff can easily work remotely, which boosts productivity and morale. Office 365 apps are available on any internet-connected device, from phones to desktop PCs and even large screen TVs.

Email Management Made Easy in Office 365

In addition to great software, Office 365 boasts Microsoft’s world-class Exchange Servers. No longer is email a cumbersome beast to be wrangled by inhouse IT staff. Like the Office apps themselves, the email servers receive regular updates, improving security and functionality.

It’s Time to Get Professional Office 365 Migration and Support on Your Side

Microsoft Office 365 gives your company the best tools with the least impact possible. With a proper support model that On-Site Computers Inc. provides, your business tools are current, accessible, secure, and allow staff to do their very best work.


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