What Services Does On-Site Computers’ Atlas Care Offer Businesses?

On-Site Computers proudly offers a comprehensive suite of IT services that are customized to address their customers every technology need.

What Services Does On-Site Computers’ Atlas Care Offer Businesses in  Minneapolis?

Can a Partnership with the Right IT Support Team Help Keep My Computers running and My Data Protected?

Your business can’t afford repetitive or extended downtime. The On-Site Computers technicians work proactively to ensure that your computers, servers, and cloud-based assets are available to you when you need them. Keeping your workflow accessible to you and running efficiently is of primary importance to us.

With cyber attacks on the rise, businesses have data security on their minds like never before. Since many industries are bound by strict compliance legislation governing the transmission and safe storage of data, a security breach has far-reaching consequences which could include stiff financial penalties and even the end of a promising business.

On-Site Computers provides cutting-edge proactive cybersecurity protocols and IT support for a number of industries and possesses the necessary experience to help our valued clients achieve and maintain secure and optimized IT networks and systems.

What IT Management and Protection Strategies Does On-Site Computers Employ for Their Clients?

No business owner can enjoy true peace of mind until they are confident there is a viable plan in place to keep their IT environments running while protecting their data, client information, and internal work processes. On-Site Computers applies their focus to the implementation of proactive IT solutions that are backed by continuous monitoring and maintenance to detect potential vulnerabilities and repair them long before they could ever become a portal for the enemy.

Atlas Care from On-Site Computers offers businesses access to a team of qualified professionals with the skills to achieve and maintain secure IT assets and networks. Our Managed IT Services are available on a budget-friendly subscription model, making them practical for an always-on business process.

Best of all, Atlas Care is proactive, comprehensive, and all-inclusive – paying particular attention to keeping our clients’ proprietary data and sensitive information safe and accessible only to them and their trusted employees.

We concentrate our attention on providing each of our clients with:

  • Backup and disaster recovery services
  • Policy and protocol implementation and monitoring
  • Industry-specific compliance legislation expertise
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Role-based access protocols to prevent internal espionage
  • Data encryption services
  • Cloud solutions to support multiple firm locations
  • Secure mobile workflow and data access
  • Secure and encrypted email transmissions
  • Proactive antivirus, firewall, and anti-malware security solutions

Mike Bowe | Published on September 30, 2019