Network Security Services in Minnesota

On-Site Computers provides network security services for large and small businesses across Minnesota.

Reliable Network Security Services in Minnesota

When it comes to network security, many Minnesota businesses trust On-site Computers as a dependable managed service provider. We defend our clients from both external and internal threats. Our advanced network security solution is an innovative application that operates 24/7/365, using proprietary threat pattern recognition and mathematical modeling to proactively identify and remediate suspicious changes, abnormal user behavior, and threats caused by internal misconfigurations or vulnerabilities.

With our network monitoring system, your business is adequately protected from the following threats:

•    Unauthorized wireless connections
•    Application installed on locked-down systems
•    New user profiles unexpectedly added to your business computer
•    Unusual after-hours log-ins
•    Users granted inappropriate admin credentials

These are just a few of the many risky events that may occur inside your company’s network that we can protect against with our security solutions. Our network security appliance provides actionable intelligence that secures your office environment by issuing alerts whenever changes or threats occur, whether from your staff or external actors. This gives us critical time to act swiftly and work with you to craft an action plan to mitigate the threat.

Network Security Services In Minnesota

On-site Computers’ Approach to Network Security Services in Minnesota

As the threat landscape becomes more advanced by the day, protecting your company’s network and data becomes more challenging. On-site Computers will work with you to ensure your technology is available and running smoothly using security best practices such as patching, updating, and overseeing your firewall, anti-virus, and malware solutions.

Additionally, we deploy unique network protection solutions that go way beyond these standard security technologies to make sure your network systems remain intact and hardened. When formulating your network security services in Minnesota, we recognize that keeping your company’s network safe and secure is a 24/7/365 job. We also understand that managing a network is one thing, but ensuring it’s secured around the clock is a different ball game. Fortunately, we have tools and procedures to do both.

Our expert IT specialists scan and evaluate your network, remediate any security vulnerabilities, and establish a regular maintenance plan. We also perform spot checks and inspections to ensure everything is running correctly. In collaboration with your internal teams, we’ll keep firewalls up to date with the latest patches.

Moreover, we manage your entire network and slam the door whenever hackers try to sneak inside. More importantly, you can rest easy with our monthly reports of network security findings. Generally, here is our process of network security services in Minnesota:

  • Analysis: We begin by carrying out a complete network inspection and then follow up with a full security scan to pin down any issues that may compromise your network security. At this stage, we also conduct a risk assessment and review risks appropriately.
  • Remediate: Next, we develop a remediation plan and lock down your system to remediate any security issues. We also use tracking software to manage network performance and security.
  • Manage: Every month or quarter, we review your network performance and share the reports indicating network health, security threats, and up-time. We also set up network security policies for your teams to align with to improve your overall security posture.

Bridging the Gap for Internal Network Vulnerabilities

If you thought most data breaches are orchestrated by malicious insiders, you would be wrong. According to a Forrester report, only 12% of incidents are occasioned by disgruntled employees with malicious intent, and inadvertent misuse of data by employees causes a whopping 27% of breaches.

As a small- or medium-sized business owner, protecting against internal vulnerabilities is critical since 60% of companies that suffer a breach fold within just six months. Therefore, your organization cannot afford to operate without checks and balances to minimize internal risks.

On-site Computers provides a comprehensive network security solution that includes ongoing internal vulnerability detection, alerts, and recovery options. When it comes to providing network security services in Minnesota, On-site Computers is not a set-it and forget-it company. Our network experts will be monitoring and reviewing your network daily, ensuring you’re protected around the clock. Our network security solutions include:
•    Ongoing internal vulnerability detection.
•    Heads-up to abnormal user behavior.
•    Configuration change alerting.
•    Notifications for unusual or suspicious activity.

What Makes On-site Computers Different?

When you partner with On-site Computers for network security services in Minnesota you get more than an IT team. We have multiple locations and reliable team members traveling, enabling us to coordinate support to any location in Minnesota. Besides, every member of the On-site Computers community adheres to the same network security best practices and utilizes reliable and transparent ticket tracking systems. As a result, everything flows seamlessly, freeing you and your teams to focus on your core business.

Our experienced IT consultants will help you create a 360° ongoing strategy that detects threats and regularly tests internal and external vulnerabilities. Based on your level of service, we can make monthly, quarterly, or annual reports to keep you updated on the status of your network security.

Since threats and vulnerabilities affect every business network across the globe, getting network security services in Minnesota will give you peace of mind knowing that your organization is protected from external threats such as viruses and malware and the more prevalent internal risks.

When you engage On-site Computers for your network security services in Minnesota, you get the following additional services:

  • End-user security training
  • Endpoint protection
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Firewall management
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Email security

On-site Computers Provides Trusted Network Security Services in Minnesota

On-site Computers provides IT services and IT support to business professionals throughout Minnesota. We specialize in serving healthcare organizations, including clinics, practices, and medical support agencies. Our IT engineers are always up-to-date on the latest technology and adhere to this industry’s compliance and privacy requirements.

Part of On-site Computers’ culture is our commitment to customer service. Our promise is to be at your side until your network issues are resolved, and you are fully satisfied. From data protection and backup to network defense, we are your true partner in managed IT services in Minnesota. Contact us today to learn more about our network security services in Minnesota or to book an appointment with one of our IT specialists!

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