Why are Strategic Partnerships Important?

Managed IT Services providers that establish and maintain strong vendor relationships are primed to offer their valued customers the most current and effective IT solutions on the market at any given time.

Strategic partners are a gateway to remaining on top of the latest technology innovations for each industry, allowing IT support firms to regularly implement new IT solutions to drive their valued clients’ businesses towards their pursuit of optimal IT systems.

On-Site Computers takes aligning their name with other technology businesses very seriously. To this end, we carefully cultivate relationships with vendors, software developers, and manufacturers with a track record for excellence. This approach allows us to offer the most current and effective technology offerings to our clients without fear of disappointing service. These thoughtfully selected strategic partners allow us to stay current with advances in technology for each industry we serve.

On-Site Computers takes aligning their Expert in  Minneapolis

Six Important Criteria All Strategic Partners Should Meet

What is the Process to Become One of On-Site Computers’ Strategic Partners?

Because it is a vital part of our mandate to bring only the best products and services to our clients, we restrict our strategic partnerships to companies who are likeminded in their core principles and whose personal vision and set of values meshes perfectly with our own.

The process of becoming one of On-Site Computers’ strategic partners is multi-pronged. We take the time to carefully scrutinize a company’s reputation as well as each of their products and service offerings to ensure they meet our exacting standards.

We are committed to providing each of our clients with unbiased IT advice. A critical component of this strategy means remaining technology agnostic. Without the need to express loyalty to any one brand or technology giant, we have the ability to remain impartial to make the very best choices for each of our customers and their unique technology needs.

On Site Computers’ list of strategic partners includes:

  • Microsoft partner in Minneapolis
  • Lenovo partner in Minneapolis
  • Dell partner in Minneapolis
  • Hp partner in Minneapolis
  • Cisco partner in Minneapolis
  • Ubiquiti partner in Minneapolis

What Are Some of On-Site Computers’ Areas of Technical Expertise?

Each of our team members has been carefully selected for their skills in business and technical knowledge. We leverage this dual skillset to provide high-demand IT environments that are secure, stable, and dependable.

  • The implementation of top-tier IT solutions for each specific industry

  • 24/7/365 assistance with troubleshooting and resolution of technology challenges

  • Ongoing support for technology products and services


Mike Bowe | Published on September 09, 2019