IT Support for Hospitality Businesses

Does your hospitality business have the uptime it needs to meet customer and operational needs?

Where Can I Find an IT Support Team to Help My Hospitality Business Leverage Reliable IT Systems?

The hospitality industry is demanding, requiring staff to wear many different hats in a day. On top of this, your guests have diverse needs that need attention to meet their expectations for the ultimate restaurant or hotel experience.

All hospitality businesses are alike in their desire for their guests to enjoy a stay or visit that surpasses their hopes. Unfortunately, it takes very little to turn a positive stay into a negative one. Since the internet has made it easy for customers to leave online reviews, a hospitality business can easily gain an unfair blemish on their reputation on the basis of one perceived negative experience. Since most customers do depend on accessible and reliable WiFi as a given from their hospitality business of choice, malfunctioning IT assets top the list of customer complaints. Hospitality companies must make maintaining uptime one of their highest priorities to gain and maintain customer satisfaction.

On-Site Computers has the skill and experience to assist hospitality businesses with achieving their ideal IT working environment and provide the IT side of the visit for their valued guests. Our focus on proactive and comprehensive technology solutions aims at searching out and eradicating troublesome IT issues to prevent them from ever becoming a problem.

IT Support for Hospitality Businesses in Minneapolis

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Eight Reasons Why Hospitality Businesses Need Managed IT Services

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Rapid response times to each customer call
  • Experienced staff
  • Commitment to ensuring consistent WiFi connectivity
  • Flat-rate, affordable monthly pricing
  • Proactive IT solutions for the hospitality industry
  • POS/PMS system procurement, installation, and management
  • Fortified security

Technology Plays a Significant Role in the Guest Experience at a Restaurant or Hotel.

It’s not just WiFi that customers have come to rely upon from hotels and restaurants. Other important things clients are looking for from hospitality businesses include:

  • Properly functioning POS and property management systems that move guests through check-in/check-out smoothly and provide a comfortable environment for their stay
  • Fully operational room essentials such as lights, heat, and TVs – all remotely controlled through the network in modern facilities
  • Fortified data security to ensure all client data remains protected
  • Current audio-visual equipment for conferences
  • Remote key access which consistently works

What Makes On-Site Computers the Right IT Support Choice for the Hospitality Industry?

Experience matters. On-Site Computers “gets” the hospitality business and has the in-depth knowledge and hands-on expertise to supply hospitality businesses with all the technology and IT support they need to climb to the next plateau of success.

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