Is Your Current Minnesota IT Provider Failing You?

Time for a new IT provider for your Minnesota business? Onsite Computers is the most trusted name in the entire state.

Is Your Current IT Provider Failing You?

What made many businesses successful in the past is now holding them back. Today, businesses need to be prepared for anything, modeled to adapt and evolve. Every business needs to be ready by design.

On-site Computers Inc. helps businesses evolve their application and platform portfolios at speed and scale, maximizing investments and lessening the burden on internal resources. IT does not have to be a bottleneck on anything that needs to be completed in your workplace. IT should be an asset that gives your business the boost in confidence it needs to explore a range of opportunities. We have an established record of meeting the most complex business needs.

You may have been connected with your current IT services provider for a significant period of time. You may have made the decision to stick by your current IT services provider’s side because they seem to do enough for the business that allows you to get by. Making a change in IT services providers may not be as high on your list of priorities as other things.

Not making a change out of habit can cost your business so much more than money. Sticking with your current IT services provider can result in a reduction in productivity and unexpected downtime. Your current IT services provider should be extending their hands out to you with proactive IT solutions. If your IT services provider is not proactively offering services and solutions that will fulfill your business, it may be time to look at alternate IT companies instead of the one you are currently working with.

Changing IT companies does not have to be difficult. A proper IT company can take over your current IT services without affecting your efficiency and productivity.

It Is Time To Evaluate Your Current IT Provider

Today’s digital workplace includes more hybrid and remote capabilities, allowing your teams to collaborate and communicate in real-time. Today’s technologies are more than just a trend. They have become the foundation for your business in the face of today’s challenges. A major benefit of partnering with a Minnesota IT company in the medical equipment and supplies manufacturing industry and other industries is the ability to keep up with rapidly evolving technology and meet the demands of end-users.

Microsoft and Account Management Support

If your IT company is unable to provide you with Microsoft account, security, and configuration management support, you are not getting the most from your productivity software. On-site Computer Inc. ensures Microsoft and accounts availability and performance with proactive monitoring and issue management.

  • License and account management
  • Regular update installation
  • Ongoing security monitoring and advanced feature setup

Data Backup and Recovery

Your data should be easily and seamlessly recovered in the event of any type of data loss, cyberattacks, human errors, natural disasters, or power failures. We take a proactive approach to data backup and recovery. We know that prevention is better than a short-term cure. You may have already suffered data breaches or outages. We are here to help you protect your data for the better. With On-site Computers Inc., you will have access to the following:

  • Rapid data restoration in the event of data loss or compromise
  • Consistent network monitoring
  • Enhanced encryption of your data to prevent future breaches

Endpoint Protection

Is your current endpoint protection standing up to today’s sophisticated and advanced threats? Today’s businesses typically consider the following challenges when building their endpoint protection strategy.

  • Securing remote and mobile workers
  • Securing Software as a Service applications
  • Advanced ransomware attacks and other online attacks
  • Complex WAN security management

Endpoint Protection is an essential component of our security solution framework. We are always aware of what is taking place in the current cyberthreat landscape and we are always aware of the trends that can impact your endpoint protection strategy.

Security and Network Architecture Support

Your IT company should have a plan in place to proactively check your servers, network, and devices before they break down. Your IT solution should be tailored to your business’s unique needs and your network architecture. We simplify security and network management and increase uptime with proactive monitoring. If you are serious about your business, you should be serious about your security and network architecture. You can improve the security of your architecture with the following:

  • Device and log monitoring
  • Device configuration backups
  • ISP Monitoring
  • Service monitoring

IT is sometimes considered a necessary evil, and many businesses find it challenging to maintain. Getting adequate IT support has become far more important than it used to be. Partnering with the right IT service provider is the best way to get the best IT support for your business. After all, your IT issues will be handled by a dedicated team of IT experts rather than a handful of employees who can leave, request sick leave, take vacations, or not have the skill sets that are needed to address advanced issues.

Remember that your IT company should work seamlessly within your business. Your IT company should be available at all times, whether the times are good or bad. Your IT company should also be there for you, whether you are in need of a simple upgrade or if you need stronger security measures after experiencing a data breach. Your IT company should be more than just an IT solution. You need an IT service provider that will become a valuable resource for the overall success of your business.

If you ignore that changes need to be made within your business, it can eventually mean that the changes required to fulfill your growing demands will become too complicated for your IT company to adapt to. Everything can go well within your business until an unexpected event occurs like a cyberattack, unplanned outage that no one can explain, or concern from your employees about the level of service being provided by the IT company. Technology is not going to be perfect and unexpected outages and other circumstances will occur. What is going to make the difference is how your IT company handles the situation.

Is it time for a change? Let On-site Computers Inc. show you how our IT services and solutions are delivered. We will help you evaluate your IT needs, how to and determine whether or not your current solution is up to the task.

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