Why Are Small Businesses Choosing Managed IT Services?

The small business sector is relying more and more so on managed IT services. Do you know why? If you’re not, what are you missing out on?

The Data Shows That Small Businesses Are Choosing Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are more popular than ever.

  • IT budgets have grown in recent years, with 44% of businesses planning to increase IT spending in 2020, up from 38% in 2019.
  • The global managed services market is expected to double over the course of 2017-2023, from USD 155.91 billion to USD 296.38.


Because the world is starting to really see the benefits. The fact is that technology is a core part of almost everything you do – investing in better support for your IT means investing in your business as a whole.

But that’s a rather general statement – let’s get specific about why so many businesses are turning to managed IT services…

What Do Managed IT Services Offer Your Small Business?

Reduce Capital Expenses

Traditionally, IT expenses get categorized as capital expenses or CapEx. With managed services, you can move away from a CapEx model to operational expenses or OpEx model, as you are paying month by month and seeing the return right away. Your costs for these services are considered monthly operating expenses like the electric or water bill.

Access Expertise

Keeping an IT environment running smoothly does require constant attention and the availability of highly-skilled staff. By taking advantage of managed services, you can eliminate the burden of finding and retaining talent with all of the necessary skills.

Limit Downtime

Businesses now heavily depend on their technology. That increased reliance on mission-critical applications and 24/7 access to data, make high availability a top priority for IT. Managed IT services companies will help ensure that uptime, security, power, and redundancy requirements are met.

Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance Of IT Systems

Managed IT Services remotely monitor your network and computer systems to ensure they are running at peak performance. And they can mitigate any risks and block them before they cause a breach or downtime.

Most issues can be addressed remotely by managed IT services. When they can’t, they simply send a tech to your site who is designated to serve your business, and who knows your business needs.


With today’s sophisticated hacking threats, you face more risks than ever. The right managed IT services company can conduct a vulnerability assessment to determine your level of risk, if gaps exist in your IT security profile, provide up-to-date solutions, and train your employees to recognize phishing email attempts that contain malware and computer viruses.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Unless you can quickly recover your data after a power outage or other disaster, your business will face backlogs and missed deadlines. To recover your data today means backing it up to a secure, offsite location in the cloud. The right managed IT services company will provide this service so you can retrieve your data from any location where you have an internet connection.

Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan can be customized and will ensure integrated security policies and procedures in your corporate culture. This can include training sessions to ensure your employees are comfortable with procedures and that they are communicated to all key personnel.

Cloud Computing

Today’s businesses can benefit from properly hosted cloud solutions that provide scalable access to applications and computing resources. Software as a Service (such as Microsoft Office 365) relies on cloud computing to deliver applications to multiple users in any location where they have an internet connection. This is more cost-effective and accessible than using desktop applications.

It also provides scalability as you purchase a license on a per-user basis. You can add “seats” as your business grows or reduce them if you must scale back in slow times. Plus, it provides the ability for your authorized employees to collaborate on projects whether they’re onsite or offsite.

Mobile Device Management

When employees use their own computing devices at work, they must be used in a secure fashion. And the same goes when they work on their mobile devices offsite. Mobile Device Management (MDM) from the right managed IT services company will ensure your workforce uses their devices in a secure and controlled manner.

It’s simple to remotely locate, wipe or lock a stolen device, wipe only your business data from a personal device, and perform enforced encryption policies and dynamic security features that keep your information safe. This also prevents your workers from leaving your employment with proprietary or other confidential data.

Remote Support

Often workstation issues can get solved remotely, eliminating the expense of a technician doing an on-site visit and assessment. This is a fast, easy way to resolve common computing issues so your employees can get back to work.

Eliminate Internal IT Costs

Those with an in-house computer technician may think they’re saving money but with today’s hefty salaries in this industry, it’s often not a bargain. Even when businesses have talented IT people or staff there are always areas that need attention and support.

Does Your Small Business Need IT Services?

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