How to Switch Minneapolis IT Companies

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Discover How To Switch IT Companies in Minneapolis Painlessly

We’ve all been there before: you meet with an IT company, and you’re excited about everything they’re claiming to offer, so after a bit of deliberation with your management team, you go ahead and sign an agreement. You’re looking forward to operating more efficiently, feeling safe against cybercrime, and seeing your staff members working more productively than ever before. They’ve promised to:

  • Be responsive when you need help
  • Have expertise in cybersecurity, compliance, and other complex areas
  • Avoid any hidden or surprise expenses on your bill
  • Keep you free of any unnecessary downtime with preventative measures

But somewhere along the way, they’ve started slipping up and not fulfilling their promises. All of a sudden, they’re not getting back to you within the time they’ve specified they would; they’re not available after-hours or on weekends, or they’re simply unable to complete initiatives because they’re not knowledgeable enough.

Isn’t Switching IT Companies Disruptive?

Regardless of why you’re looking to switch IT companies, you’re likely worried about how disruptive the change will be. We’ve heard this time and time again. After all, so many of your information technology systems are tied up with your IT company. They’re managing (or at least, trying to manage) a lot of your environment:

  • Data
  • Active directories
  • Networks
  • Cloud services
  • Computers
  • And much more

Naturally, you’re imagining that the process is going to be daunting, time-consuming, and scary, considering you may end up in a situation where your data, login credentials, or something equally important is held, hostage. We’re here to tell you that you NEVER have to put up with less than incredible service because you’re afraid of switching IT companies.

When Is It Time To Switch IT Companies?

Before we get into HOW to switch IT companies, it’s important to know when it’s time to switch IT companies. You might feel uncertain about your decision, but a lot of the time, when we speak with business executives in this position, they’re uncertain because they’re fearful about a difficult process. At the end of the day, you know it’s time to switch IT companies if any of the following signs are present:

They’re Not Meeting The Service Level Agreement

If they’re not meeting the service level agreement you both agreed upon, it’s time to move on. Maybe they’re not responding to your support requests within a specific time, or they’re not catching issues that result in downtime. Regardless, this is one of the top reasons we’ve seen business owners switch IT companies over.

They’re Not Communicating Frequently With You

An IT company should communicate with their clients frequently. This means they’re letting you know when they’ve received a support request, what’s happening on your network, discussing budgeting and technology planning, and overall, staying in touch with you regularly to keep you informed.

They’re Not Growing Alongside You

This is a scalability issue. If your business has grown in terms of new employees, new regulations, or anything else, your IT company may not be able to accommodate this growth. If they’re struggling to support your end users because they simply haven’t grown alongside you, it’s time to move on.

Over the years, these are the most common reasons we’ve found business executives have for switching IT companies. They may also complain about frequent virus infections, a lack of knowledge with a specific technology, and in some cases, a lack of awareness of industry-specific regulations.

How Can You Make Switching IT Companies Easy?

When it comes to switching IT companies, we know it’s a daunting process. But as long as you’re strategic about it, the process can be rather easy and quick. Here are our recommendations:

  1. Choose a new IT company that’s familiar with the process of transitioning in terms of taking over documentation, working with the existing provider, etc
  2. Don’t cancel with your current IT company until you’ve selected a new IT company, and they’re ready to help you with the process
  3. Make sure all administrative access to everything on your network, including logins, passwords, etc. is transferred over to your new IT company
  4. Perform a security assessment to uncover any vulnerabilities or backdoors that need to be resolved immediately
  5. Give notice to your current IT company as soon as you have access to everything you need in terms of documentation

If you’re ready to switch IT companies, On-Site Computers can make the process smooth and painless. We’ve helped many organizations stop settling for less than amazing service.

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