The Most Important Thing to Consider When Choosing an IT Services Provider

You make countless decisions every day, from smaller decisions about task delegation and time management to major decisions about staffing, strategy, and more. One of these major decisions is about choosing a new IT services provider for your business, and there’s a lot involved with making this choice.

When you choose a new IT services provider, you consider a variety of factors:

  • Services: What services are offered? Also, are services packaged?
  • Pricing: How is pricing determined? Also, do prices vary?
  • Skills: What expertise does the support team provide, and how does this match your needs?
  • Training: Is training for IT best practices included in the IT services provider’s offering?

Every business is unique, and every IT services provider is different, it’s crucial to review this list and assess the answers for each by IT services company to determine the best fit.

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What You Need to Ask: “How Will You Protect My Business?”

IT support services are important, but you’ll want to focus on cyber security and protecting your business and your data. Cyber security is a widely reported topic, but weeding through the information to find accurate details about specific technology issues can be tricky – especially when trying to compare cyber security services to your specific needs. Getting answers about technology often yields more generic answers giving an incomplete picture.

Start with the most important question, “How will you protect my business?” Dive into the issue of cyber security and what cyber security measures the IT services provider takes to protect your data. You need to be confident and feel secure that your data is protected and your business and technology are safe. Businesses like law firms, medical offices, accounting practices, and more already realize how important it is to safeguard the personal and financial information of patients and clients.

Data Protection and Cyber Security

You need to protect your business and your most precious asset: customer records, sales information, financial account details, staff records, and the list goes on. Relying on technology to protect access, storage, and transmission of this data will involve sophisticated cyber security measures, and ask what measures will be employed for your protection.

Review the state-of-the-art cyber security protection of any IT services providers you talk to and make sure cyber security is in line with what you need. This type of partnership gives you the ability to focus on your core operations with the confidence that your data is in good hands.

Why Is Cyber Security Important Today?

Trusting your IT services provider to protect your data and your business with advanced cyber security protections for your total technology ecosystem gives you peace of mind. Work with your IT services provider to review your IT systems and network, determine the protective measures that should be in place, outline your current and future needs for ongoing cyber security, and establish training processes for cyber security best practices. This process protects your reputation and prevents your team from being the weakest link in your cyber security, like using easy-to-guess passwords.


Mike Bowe | Published on February 21, 2021