Your Business Is Unique – Why Cookie Cutter IT Won’t Cut It

No two businesses are alike. Sure, there are similarities, but each company has its own specific projects, priorities and goals. That’s why your IT support needs to be customized to address your unique challenges and seize on opportunities.

Take two seemingly similar medical practices in the same community, for example. One was recently infected with ransomware and is struggling to recover their data. In the case of the other practice, a water main broke last month, flooding their office, and they are now reeling from not having developed a data disaster recovery plan.

Each practice has the same fundamental support needs and yet requires a unique solution to address their challenges. Personalization isn’t possible unless your IT provider becomes intimately familiar with your market, your business and your plans.

At On-Site Computers, we take the time to understand what you need and develop the strategy, tools, and training to make technology a solution to overcoming your challenges and seizing on growth opportunities.

Here are the top 4 methods we employ to make sure you are getting the support your business requires:

  1. HANDS-ON APPROACH – The best way to understand your IT environment and how it integrates with your business is to see it firsthand. The initial walk-through lets our technicians quickly gather information about your infrastructure and how it compliments or hinders your workflow.
    You are the expert on how your business works, and so our first step is to learn what you want your technology solutions to achieve and how your current system can be improved.
  2. FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS – Just as so much of effective communication is nonverbal, at least half of the battle in selecting and implementing an effective technology solution is understanding how it will integrate with the skillsets and workflow habits of your individual team members. This level of familiarity is only achieved through spending time in-person speaking with staff and observing their work and workstations.
  3. TECHNOLOGY TRAINING – While it is important to choose technology solutions that meet teams and team members where they are, upgrades, enhancements and new features will always present obstacles before they open opportunities. We substantially reduce these growing pains and shorten the adoption curve of new technology by knowing your staff personally and developing virtual, on-site and one-on-one trainings accordingly.
  4. STRATEGIC PLANNING – The market and your business goals should define your strategies; what you need from your technology solutions is a clear, pothole-free road toward achieving those goals. Once again, intimate familiarity with you, your business and your team enables us to chart a technology roadmap based on route you have decided to follow.

On-Site Computers understands your local business environment, and we’re eager to develop a deep understanding of your business needs and opportunities to support you with the right IT solutions.

Contact us online today or call 800-669-8513 to find out more about how we can provide you with customized support to help you meet your goals.


Mike Bowe | Published on April 04, 2019