Office Moves and Wiring

Finding Reliable and Professional Office Moving and Wiring Services

Moving offices isn’t just moving furniture. It also deals with moving and setting up data and network infrastructure to replicate their earlier peak performance. A poorly executed office technology move can result in avoidable expenses and lost productivity.

We offer the following office move and cabling products and services for your business:

  • Cabling Infrastructure – includes fiber optics for new construction and existing offices.
  • Business Technology Moving/ Relocation – including complete relocation of your entire network, servers, printers, and workstations.
  • Move Coordination – including transferring your email, website, internet, and telephony
  • Cabling Blueprints and Diagrams – create a strong foundation for your new network.
  • Certification and Cabling Audits – providing the peace of mind, audit trail, and efficiency baseline needed for the new network

Moving Can Be Extremely Stressful, Time-Consuming, and Expensive. Let Us Help.

Many successful companies that need to move offices often go for reliable and experienced technology services companies to ensure the IT move is done correctly and that downtime is minimized. Unfortunately, the task of finding the right company to help with office moves proves a hard nut to crack.

To start with, you should find a reputable company. You can find one by asking the right questions, networking with business associates in town, and asking prospects for references.

Although you may feel hesitant about making that final decision, with the right office move and low voltage wiring partner, you can have a seamless move. It will be worth every penny when your business is back up and running at the new location with no detail omitted.

Essential Factors to Consider When Looking for Office Moving and Wiring Services

Here are things to consider when choosing a technology move and wiring company:

  • Professionalism
  • Business reputation
  • Costs
  • Licensing and insurance
  • The complexity of your IT environment
  • Customer service – whether good or poor


Why Hire an Office Moving and Wiring Company?

Office moves and wiring can be a complex endeavor for businesses when carried out without all the requisite plan and strategies from an IT services company that has helped dozens of other companies successfully navigate their moves.

On-Site Computers will provide flawless technology relocation for your business with nominal downtime or loss of productivity.

Quality Office Moving and Office Cable Installation Services

On-Site Computers Inc. is the company that will take away the hassle of relocating your business technology assets. Our office move and cable management solutions are efficient and professional, so while your new IT infrastructure is being created, you’ll have the confidence to focus on your business.

Whether you are looking to relocate your office completely or you want to modify your existing cabling, our experienced team is equipped to advise on and undertake your project.

  • Office move planning
  • Cable equipment/server racks
  • IT relocation management
  • Cabling analysis/ design services
  • Network cabling installation
  • Structured cable management

Our wiring services are tailored to meet your business needs while providing convenience for your business systems to have you up and running in no time.


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