Expect Better From Your IT Help Desk

Establishing a business in today’s technology-driven world relies on having systems up and available to handle the daily demands of your company. With consumers, vendors, and clients depending on you, a software failure or other system issue can cost your employees valuable time and potentially harm your revenue stream.

The performance of the help desk services provided by your Managed Service Provider (MSP) become critical in helping your business avoid extended downtime periods. What happens when an MSP’s help desk fails to live up to expectations?


When a computer freezes or a network fails to stay connected, the hope is that help desk support can have the issue resolved without a prolonged disruption in normal business services. Are you getting the service outlined in your original SLA agreement? Do you commonly experience the following situations when you contact the service desk of your current MSP?

  1. Slow response times — How often are you or your workers told you’ll have to wait 24-48 hours or even longer before someone can respond to your issue?
  2. Understaffing — Are you getting through immediately to a representative, or do you find yourself experiencing long wait times before someone answers your call? Your MSP may not have enough staff on hand to handle the needs of your company.
  3. Reactive responses — Does your MSP respond to and address potential problems before they begin affecting end users? Or are they always playing catch-up while your employees struggle to work around system issues?
  4. Arduous ticketing process — How easy does your MSP make it for you to document and report problems? Do you receive frequent updates about their progress, or are you kept in the dark about the root cause of issues and how the help desk plans on addressing them?

Routine run-ins with the above issues can result in extended periods of downtime for your business. Your customers and business partners can end up losing confidence in your ability to deliver for them. If they’re not willing to settle for subpar service from you, why should you continue doing the same when it comes to the level of service provided by your MSP’s help desk?


On-Site Computers places the satisfaction of clients above all other business priorities. We understand the importance of providing timely support when our customers find themselves experiencing issues with any technology component within their company. That’s why our help desk services make it a point to deliver consistent quality in the following ways.

  1. Remote and On-site Services — 80 to 90% of issues can be resolved within 30 minutes by remoting in and working with the end user. But our team always keeps in mind that remoting isn’t always the quickest path to a solution. Being near St. Paul and Rochester means our technicians can visit your company onsite when a hands-on approach is the best option.
  2. Collaborative Workforce — The average member of our Level 1 support team has three years of help desk experience. They work together to ensure coverage of problems that may not be familiar to one worker but has been handled and resolved by another team member in the past.
  3. Systematic Approach to Tickets — On-Site Computers tracks both reactive (user-initiated) and proactive (On-Site Initiated) tickets. We find more value in getting ahead of potential problems before they become visible to our clients. Tickets which would fall into this category include monitoring hard-drives close to running out of space or replacing them entirely when they are close to failure.
  4. Tools that Minimize Downtime — Our company uses tools for virus protection, system monitoring, and patching to reduce potential impacts which could result in user downtime.
  5. Reports on SLA Standards — We provide clients with reports showing how well On-Site Computers performs versus the standards outlined in any current SLA.

Don’t continue settling for service your customers wouldn’t accept from you. On-Site Computers can deliver the response and level of services needed to keep your company ready and prepared for future growth. Contact us online today or call us at 800-669-8513 for an evaluation of your current needs.


Mike Bowe | Published on January 22, 2019